EE8552 Power Electronics Handwritten Lecture Notes

Anna University, Chennai
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Subject Code: EE8552
Subject Name: Power Electronics

Lecture Notes - All Units

Unit 1: Introduction to Power Electronics

1.1 Overview of Power Electronics

Definition and Scope
Importance in Electrical Engineering
Applications in Power Systems and Drives
1.2 Power Semiconductor Devices

Introduction to Power Diodes, Thyristors, Power MOSFETs, IGBTs
Characteristics and Ratings of Power Semiconductor Devices
Switching Characteristics and Power Dissipation
1.3 Power Electronic Converters

Classification of Power Converters: AC to DC, DC to AC, DC to DC, AC to AC
Basic Topologies: Half-wave and Full-wave Rectifiers, Buck, Boost, and Buck-Boost Converters
Introduction to Choppers and Inverters
Unit 2: AC to DC Converters

2.1 Single-phase Diode Rectifiers

Operation and Analysis of Half-wave and Full-wave Rectifiers
Performance Parameters: Ripple Factor, Efficiency
Power Factor Improvement Techniques: PFC Techniques
2.2 Three-phase Diode Rectifiers

Three-phase Bridge Rectifiers: Analysis and Operation
Input and Output Waveforms, Voltage and Current Waveforms
Harmonic Analysis and Filter Design
Unit 3: DC to DC Converters

3.1 Buck Converters

Principle of Operation and Analysis
Continuous and Discontinuous Conduction Modes
Control Techniques: PWM Control, Current Mode Control
3.2 Boost Converters

Operation and Analysis
Voltage and Current Waveforms
Applications and Control Methods
3.3 Buck-Boost Converters

Analysis and Operation
Voltage and Current Waveforms
Applications and Control Strategies
Unit 4: DC to AC Converters

4.1 Single-phase Inverters

Voltage Source Inverters (VSI) and Current Source Inverters (CSI)
PWM Techniques: Sinusoidal PWM (SPWM), Space Vector PWM (SVPWM)
Analysis of Output Voltage and Harmonics
4.2 Three-phase Inverters

Basic Operation and Topologies: Voltage Source and Current Source Inverters
Pulse Width Modulation Techniques
Harmonic Analysis and Filter Design
Unit 5: Advanced Power Electronic Converters

5.1 Multilevel Converters

Introduction to Multilevel Converter Topologies
Benefits and Applications of Multilevel Converters
Control Techniques and Modulation Strategies
5.2 Resonant Converters

Series and Parallel Resonant Converters
Soft-switching Techniques: ZVS, ZCS
Applications and Performance Analysis
These lecture notes provide comprehensive coverage of Power Electronics, tailored for students in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Anna University, Chennai. With a total of 207 pages in PDF format, these notes include detailed explanations, circuit diagrams, waveform analysis, and control strategies to facilitate understanding and application. Students will gain proficiency in analyzing, designing, and implementing power electronic converters for various industrial and renewable energy applications.

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    EE8552 Power Electronics Handwritten Lecture Notes