EE8702 Power System Operation and Control Lecture Notes

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Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Subject Code: EE8702
Subject Name: Power System and Operating Control

Lecture Notes - All Units

Unit 1: Introduction to Power Systems

1.1 Overview of Power Systems

Definition and Components of Power Systems
Generation, Transmission, Distribution, and Utilization of Electrical Energy
Importance of Power System Analysis and Control
1.2 Power System Components

Power Plants: Thermal, Hydroelectric, Nuclear, Renewable
Transmission Lines: Overhead Lines, Underground Cables
Substations and Switchgear
Load Centers and Distribution Networks
1.3 Power System Operation and Control

Load Dispatching and Economic Operation of Power Systems
Voltage and Frequency Control
Load Frequency Control (LFC) and Automatic Generation Control (AGC)
Power System Stability and Security
Unit 2: Operating System Fundamentals

2.1 Introduction to Operating Systems

Definition and Functions of Operating Systems
Types of Operating Systems: Batch Processing, Multiprogramming, Time-sharing, Real-time Systems
Operating System Services and Interfaces
2.2 Process Management

Process States: Ready, Running, Blocked
Process Scheduling Algorithms: FCFS, SJF, Round Robin, Priority Scheduling
Interprocess Communication and Synchronization
2.3 Memory Management

Memory Hierarchy: Registers, Cache, Main Memory, Secondary Storage
Virtual Memory: Paging and Segmentation
Memory Allocation Techniques: Contiguous, Non-contiguous Allocation
Unit 3: Power System Analysis

3.1 Power Flow Analysis

Bus Admittance Matrix (YBUS) Formulation
Gauss-Seidel and Newton-Raphson Methods for Load Flow Solution
Economic Dispatch and Optimal Power Flow
3.2 Fault Analysis

Types of Faults in Power Systems: Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Faults
Analysis of Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Faults
Short Circuit Calculation and Fault Current Analysis
Unit 4: Operating System Services

4.1 File Systems

File System Concepts: File, Directory, File Attributes
File System Implementation: FAT, NTFS, Ext4
File System Operations: Creation, Deletion, Access Control
4.2 Device Management

Device Drivers and Device Management Services
I/O Handling Techniques: Polling, Interrupts, DMA
Device Allocation and Scheduling
Unit 5: Power System Control and Stability

5.1 Power System Control

Load Frequency Control (LFC)
Automatic Generation Control (AGC)
Voltage and Reactive Power Control
Power System Stability: Transient, Small Signal, and Voltage Stability
5.2 Operating System Security

Threats to Operating System Security: Malware, Unauthorized Access, Denial of Service Attacks
Security Measures: Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, Encryption
Incident Response and Recovery Planning
These lecture notes provide comprehensive coverage of Power System and Operating Control, tailored for students in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Anna University, Chennai. With a total of 207 pages in PDF format, these notes include detailed explanations, mathematical derivations, practical examples, and case studies to facilitate understanding and application. Students will gain proficiency in analyzing and operating power systems, managing operating system resources, and ensuring the security and reliability of both power systems and computer systems.

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    EE8702 Power System Operation and Control Lecture Notes