Vidyarthiplus Contest - Online Discussion on "Online Education- Does it really help?"

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Vidyarthiplus is proud to conduct a new contest for all students who are pursuing their graduation in any stream. We are planning to make a discussion contest for all students. The discussion topic is 


Why this topic?

We are now in a technological era where a student gets a mobile before completing his 12th or polytechnic and owns a laptop with an Internet Connection before getting graduated. If we take Engineering as a case study, until 12th we had schools providing us the question papers and we learnt through teachers. But a student joining Engineering College must get most of the materials like question papers, 2 marks, important questions from various sources, which through the help of internet, it is made easy. Vidyarthiplus is one of the example for such kind of resource. Also many concepts in Engineering cannot be taught in classrooms. Video Lectures are the one which makes the concepts clear. But do we really utilize these online resources? Many get easily diverted to other websites while studying online. But there are some who actually gain knowledge out of it. So what do you think about this present scenario? This is the subject in which you are going to submit your discussion. The contestant should post the thread with his/her title and subject atleast 250 words. You could post your opinion whether it may be supporting or not supporting. You could include real life incidents, either you may have experienced or your friends, but should not be a copied one from other websites. If found copied or cheating, the thread will be deleted and the user will be banned with/without prior information.
So keep ready with opinions... 
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00:01:56Hai..I am sami from a Andhra Pradesh. I would support online education because to match with the high speed world where new technologies are invented every minutes we need online education.  Now if you see in online education it is almost based with practical knowledge. I have studied my subjects in NPTEL classes which had helped me a lot to secure good percentage because it is based with practical simultaneously with theory. We can gain knowledge from highly qualified persons who could be in any part of world. In online education student is not confined to particular limits he/she can have depth knowledge of the subject. In general there is no discrimination based on age, gender, caste,creed etc in online education. We can also learn in our comfortable language. There is no time compulsions in online online education. Overall, there are many benefits of online education that anyone can take advantage of while pursuing their education. It is important to remember to check out each online school to ensure they are legitimate and that the courses offered will count toward the high school curriculum or college credits.
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    Vidyarthiplus Contest - Online Discussion on "Online Education- Does it really help?"