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Full Name :Y Mohan Reddy
College Name :Sathyabama University
Department : ECE
Referred by VCA :no

Online education refers to the use of electronic media and information and communication technologies in education. E-learning is broadly inclusive of all forms of educational technology in learning and teaching.  - wikipedia
Online education is similar like a rupee coin, here everyone can see two sides of a coin but not at a time. If you can see head, online education really helps, rather tail it helps in destructing minds.
Let’s see on the heads and tails of ONLINE EDUCATION.
First of all "online education", it completely depends on individual mind set. Mindset may vary with surroundings, situations, aims, goals and so many. If one is willing to have online education it helps a lot. Education in any form is worthy, online education is more convenient and now a days almost everyone familiar with it. One need not to go to college and sit for prolonged hours. Not only for colleges, need not to go to training institutes by paying huge money while we are getting it free of cost online. There are so many websites, online tutorials, practical videos, information websites, online exams for practice, and forums to share, discuss ideas. Discussion leads to great minds. Online education is an easy way of learning, one can learn anything anywhere anytime. If we see statistics of education in colleges these days quality of education is poor. Students do not know the fact or some lesson which is going to present by a lecturer. The lecturer is giving a lecture how he/she understands it not how the student understands these days. With this quality less lectures, the student goes outside the world from now where he/she is living. They may again become lecturer, or again in any field the work they do is quality less only. Somehow everyone are surviving because nobody is bothering about it. If one can learn himself thorough online or offline that makes him/her self feels satisfied and helps to make others wise. One more advantage of online, if any doubt arises can be google it and cleared. In offline the lecturer may know may not.
I do not mean everyone should know everything, google have everything that you cannot search and swim to other end.
"Many get easily diverted to other websites while studying online". As I first mentioned "online education", it completely depends on individual mind set. Even some sitting in the class rooms are not gaining anything, they are destructing themselves and others too. If they are not interested in learning they may get diverted in classrooms also by chitchatting, playing mobile games, watching videos, disturbing the class and so many they can do. From their disturbance the one who is willing to gain also will gain nothing. It’s better to be having online education than bad companies in classroom. The bad companies will be there in both scenarios, but one really wants to gain will prefer online education. Generally what we do if we do not know something, we will just google it and know about that. Now a days we are not going to libraries for clarifying our doubts, even if anyone go and ask their professor to clarify some doubt they may say ” clarify yourself and know me” this will be the reply.
In class also you will get special position if you share what you learnt from internet. Like if no one knows how to do PCB designing, then you can learn it step by step through online.
Online education needs some age limit as children are more attractive towards new things, as they got attracted to mobiles, face book, electronic gadgets etc.,.  Online education also need to be trained properly, once they know how to use it will be useful and qualitative education.