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Online Education - its the Blessing for the Present Generation


Full Name : Subitha B

College Name :Coimbatore Institute Of Engineering & Technology

Department :Electronics & Communication Engineering

Referred by VCA : Myself ... I am proud to be the VCA of my college

     Hi friends,Kid I am Subitha from Coimbatore.Angel1
 I would like to share my views on this Discussion Topic -Does online education really help? I am pretty sure that its the blessing for the present generation that we are well equipped with gadgets and the online community. Its the reason why i came to know about VidyarthiPlus and attending this online discussion. students these days love to read time online rather than searching for a book,spent money on it etc. Even I spent most of my time in surfing. students spent quality time to know about the current updates, to Attachment the text books, syllabi, previous year question papers etc . Even if we get any doubt, we can post it in Online education forums and get Expert Guidance from many professors whom we may not know personally. sitting with a book alone won't provide knowledge. The key point to note is that how much concentration we spend on learning new things. Within a fraction of seconds, every information is displayed on our screen within just some keyboard key strokes. I feel so happy that I can get many study materials from VidyarthiPlus.  I would like to conclude with the point that it depends upon the Mentality of students where to spent time with.  Hope there will be further topics for discussion . Bye1


With warm regards,
Subitha B,

    Online Education - its the Blessing for the Present Generation