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Online Education-Anytime & Anywhere for Anyone to learn Anything

Online Education-Anytime & Anywhere for Anyone to learn Anything

Full Name :M.Maria Infant Renita
College Name :J.J.College of Engineering and Technology,India
Department :Electronics and communication Engineering
Referred by VCA :No

Today ,the world is constantly changing, developing ,moving into the world of wisdom. Every being living in this world is striving their best to educate themselves the ultimate technologies and techniques to improve themselves and  every piece of their surroundings leading to faster and dynamic world capable of achieving every impossibilities. Offline and online are the two ways of education the people get. 

We don't really get any real knowledge or understanding of any subjects outside.  And we are also advised by the lecturers  to study or memorize from the books to  get pass marks in the examination. Online education is what gives us hope, faith and confidence to do more than learning from the books.Online education gives us a new way of life to achieve more,to learn more,to do more, to innovate more, to aim more and to accelerate more.

I have got a moderate experience of online education. Education through online is what helped me not only to get pass in the university exams  but also getting to know what I wanted to know about the subjects I study for. Only through online education ,I was able to get extra knowledge of most of the subjects and I was able to discuss them with other fellow students . Also our college staff would say like this "If you have any doubts, go search in the google ,dictionary.com or Wikipedia site or technopedia site".

Without internet , there is no possibility of becoming aware of the subjects we study. Online education is much more beneficial  that it gives a exposure and real time examples and projects of many subjects. And we can also do lot more with the availability of the internet. We can learn many programming languages, other country languages,  physics, chemistry, biology ,engineering etc. We can also improve our English knowledge and communication skills with free of cost.There are so many video tutorials available in the youtube and other sites like wikepedia,technopedia etc. where we can learn. 

We can also Attachment e-books for free from various sites .Some educational sites are conducting so many contests and competitions among the students and prizes are awarded to the winners. We are given opportunity to know our position and our level of knowledge and where we lack etc. 

So many online courses are conducted by various private and government universities which can be accessed at anytime. With the online education, no one  needs to go anywhere to learn  something new. There is only one policy for online education "If you have internet , you can know or study more than the offline world". Online education is the justification of the offline education because there occurs no partiality in the online education for it provides anything and everything such as study materials ,lab manuals from different colleges ,notes, books, video lectures, sample assignments etc. to anyone without even really asking .Through internet , we can also train ourselves in the particular field we are interested and get mastered. Online education makes it easier to learn giving a simplified way to education. 

Online education changes the way of education that it gives us a freedom to know anything no matter who we are and where we stand. Online education is our freedom , our right, and our proud. No one can rob this from anyone. Although there are some educational sites which are for-profit , most of the online educational sites are freely available at anytime & anywhere for anyone to learn anything. 

    Online Education-Anytime & Anywhere for Anyone to learn Anything