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Online Education is Kind of an Essential Part of any Students Curriculum

Full Name : D K Sai Ganesh
College Name :Siddharth Institute of Engineering and Technology
Department :Computer Science and Engineering

Online Education is kind of an essential part of any students curriculum these days. With any sort of education that we gain from our colleges, can we really accept that it is solely enough?

Without a doubt the answer is no. ...

What we learn in our colleges may be good enough for earning marks in university level. But what about when the time comes to go to the real world and work. at that time our college subject education is not quite enough. Besides that online education is really a resourceful thing these days

with the busy schedule of the students these days, we find no time in going to additional certification programs or learn new languages or softwares. So it would be better if we get that things that should go out to learn right in our home from our computer right!!!!

Also most of the time the people who conduct online classes are kind of  bigshots in their respective circle ..If not we dont even try to attend that classes right!!!  Besides this system is pretty cheap compared to other practices..

since we always need the best people to learn from online platform (I guess) provides a really nice way to have the best we can..
Besides with the timings of the colleges , we find it really hard to find time to learn any thing other than our textbooks. But that's not the case in online education system ..We can access it 24*7 any time, any where..That's what makes it unique from conventional educational practices..
For example take edx.org...its a online learning platform right??

the courses they provide are really hard to learn from any books..They are thought by members from respected organizations and are pretty famous..Like linux foundation and so on...See guys..these opportunities are provided just because of online education. So i guess its acceptable to say that online education is surely necessary these days

    Online Education is Kind of an Essential Part of any Students Curriculum